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UK Online rolls out its ADSL2+ service

Another day, and LLU is making the headlines once more. This time it is more than a trial, UK Online has announced the launch of its up to 22Mbps download ADSL2+ service for £29.99 per month. The service is available in a lot of urban areas around the UK, the UK Online service is potentially available to 18% of homes at this time, with plans to increase coverage from 4.4 million homes to 5.8 million homes in the next 12 months.

"After extensive testing on our network, and customer trials, we are delighted to be launching the first ADSL2+-based broadband available nationally. While some customers will get 22Mb or even more, up to 24Mb, the quality of their phone line and distance from the exchange will dictate their maximum speed. Which is why we give customers a pragmatic estimate of the speed their line will support before they sign up."

Chris Stening, General Manager at UK Online

It is interesting to see that UK Online will try to estimate what speed your line will manage at the time of ordering the service, which is useful, since people can then decide to go for the cheaper 8Mbps service at its new lower price point of £24.99, or 2Mbps at £14.99 or even 1Mbps for £9.99 a month.

The service is being touted as unlimited, and certainly the early adopters of the faster services are likely to be those who feel the need for speed. Though it is quite likely that a fair proportion of people will be just as excited by the prospect of an up to 768kbps upstream speed on the product. For those UK Online customers already on a LLU service, they can upgrade to the new product via the providers My Account section at New customers should visit for more details on the service.


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