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Another day on the LLU bandwagon

The rush of companies trying to get announcements out on their LLU products/trials/intentions is turning into a stampede. Hopefully the providers will maintain this enthusiasm and provide services that are actually worth the amount of column inches they've consumed in the months prior to launch.

  • AOL: A small LLU trial has started in London involving a handful of users, exact details are scarce. It is thought that the first orders to unbundle an exchange have been made with BT.
  • Wanadoo has its LLU service now live on 15 exchanges in the Leeds area, offering an up to 8Mbps ADSL service currently. Plans are afoot to unbundle 135 exchanges, in the Birmingham, Bristol and London areas.
  • C&W who currently have 408 exchanges unbundled and around 55,000 users on their Bulldog LLU services are to press ahead with further investment. Bulldog has also resumed its marketing efforts, with a new TV advertising campaign. ZDNet in particular has raised concerns over whether Bulldogs problems from earlier this year are fully resolved.
  • PlusNet is taking the unusual step of trialling LLU services via two suppliers, announcing a trial with Tiscali LLU products. Previously a partnership with EasyNet has been announced.
  • HomeChoice has announced additional options to its product range. These will allow people to move their BT line rental billing to HomeChoice, thus offering potential savings. The basic HomeChoice Line will cost £10 per month and include unlimited free local and national calls during evenings and weekends.


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