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The Access to Broadband Campaign is hosting its fourth conference to discuss broadband in the UK on November 22nd in London. The topic centers around the Broadband End Game, which seeks to look beyond the current ADSL deployment, and where the UK needs to be in the next year or two. To promote this event, and help meet some of the costs their is an opportunity for companies to sponsor a keynote speech by Peter Cochrane via an EBay auction. Mr Cochrane is perhaps best known to many people for his column on

While it is possible for everyone to debate and fight over what percentage of people can have 8Mbps ADSL or ADSL2+ services, and this battle could last for years. It seems ABC are looking to try and drive the debate onto what the UK should be doing to rapidly catch up to countries like Japan and Korea in the broadband playground. This leap onto the true next generation of broadband is a large one, and it may not be possible if done on a pure commercial basis. Commerce led roll-outs are bringing speeds above 10Mbps to those in selected urban areas, and by the end of 2006 most urban areas will have good ADSL2+ coverage, but this will leave many businesses and people out of the loop.

The UK has made large strides forward with broadband, the 10Mbps services from NTL and Telewest are available to a great many people, and compared to the end of 2004 the position is very different. Unfortunately the rest of the world has not stayed static, and 50Mbps and 100Mbps connections are fast becoming the norm in Japan and Korea.


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