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Madasafish in £11.99 per month offer for up to 2Mbps ADSL

Madasafish is running a new promotion on its Max Broadband service. For new subscribers the first six months service will be £11.99 per month, rising to the standard fee of £17.99 after that period. The Max service offers a line speed of up to 2Mbps, with the line speed being depedant on what your line can manage.

A 5GB allowance is bundled with the account, extra allowance costs £2 per GB, their website gives a guideline to what the ISP considers you can reasonably do with 5GB of allowance, which we have reproduced below:

So what does 5GB a month allow me to do?


General web browsing 125 hours a week
Sending/receiving photos (by e-mail) 125 per week
Downloading MP3s 75 per week
Sending/receiving e-mails (no attachments) 1000 per week
Watching videos 75 minutes per week
Online gaming 5 hours per week

For those who find that they are using a lot more than the bundled allowance with Madasafish they can switch to the Broadband Max Plus product which has a 20GB allowance bundled and costs £19.99 per month.


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