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Wanadoo team up with Microtechs to get your ADSL up and running

Wanadoo is offering what is actually a fairly rare option among service providers in the UK, and that is a home install service for its basic and Wireless & Talk broadband services. For a fee of £69.99 you can have an engineer visit your home who will set-up the Livebox and and connect two PC's (one wireless one via Ethernet).

Additional services can be ordered, such as connecting more computers or removing spyware. Alternatively for those who want some hand holding over the telephone rather than an on-site visit you can book 60 minutes of telephone support for £15.99.

The service is provided via Microtechs, whose other major customers include Dell, Belkin, Siemens and Fujitsu. While £69.99 for the set-up may look expensive it is cheaper than Belkin charge which is £89.99.


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