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NewNet with new SDSL prices

NewNet has added itself to the list of providers slashing their SDSL service pricing. Details can be seen below:


Monthly Charge (or)

Annual Charge

SDSL 510U 0.5Mbps £139 £1390
SDSL 1010U 1Mbps £159 £1590
SDSL 2010U 2Mbps £169 £1690

The connection charge is £249, and a managed SDSL router is available for an annual charge of £135. The annual pricing is valid when you pay for 12 months service in advance, and therefore carries a discount compared to paying on a monthly basis.

While SDSL may look expensive, when you consider that four years ago, the cost of a 2Mbps ADSL service, i.e. only 0.25Mbps upstream was something like £185 per month and this was a 20:1 contended service, rather than 10:1 as most SDSL is, you can see what inroads have been made into UK broadband pricing.


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