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Is Homechoice next on the Sky acquisition list?

Homechoice who had around 15,000 customers in January 2005, are reportedly 'running short of cash', or at least Video Networks the firm behind the Homechoice service. The accounts for the last year showed a £46.5 million loss compared to £1.5 million the previous year. Though it should be said that the switch from the original BT Videostream product to their own LLU based hardware will account for a large chunk of this money. More over on The Telegraph website.

Sky is one of the big competitors with Homechoice, and with the merging of NTL and Telewest the competition seems to be becoming stronger. One report is suggesting that BSkyB is looking at a possible acquisition of Homechoice, to add to its purchase of EasyNet recently. Buying a company that has a few years experience of running a TV over broadband network, and combining this with the extensive EasyNet network would allow Sky to rapidly scale up to a nationwide service.


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