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Carphone Warehouse - looking into LLU

Carphone Warehouse via its TalkTalk telephone service with around 1 million customers and 70,000 broadband customers is reported to be looking into exploiting Local Loop Unbundling. More details over on The Register.

It seems every other day a new name is added to the list of potential LLU operators, a couple of years ago there was up to 45 operators interested in LLU, but due to the stalling and delays in getting procedures in place the level of interest dropped to around four or five players. 2005 has seen a resurgence in this interest, this may be driven as much by the interest in higher speed services from the public as it is by the potential returns on investment by the companies. Companies need to sure that the boom and bust cycle that the telecoms industry has seen before is not repeated in 2006.


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