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Remember 'clunk, click' everytime you turn your PC on

There is a new website that is aiming to increase the security knowledge of your average computer user in the UK. The website is part of a government campaign targetting consumers and small businesses, attempting to make people aware of the security risks when online.

The advice is pretty simple, but as always it is no good people just reading about it, people need to download the software or go out and buy it in the high street. Most of the security advice is targeted at PC owners, rather than people with Linux or Mac systems. Our own security forum exists where you can ask questions about the various packages, or if tools are giving you warning messages you don't understand someone will hopefully be able to explain.

The Register has some interesting stats from the Get Safe Online research, which suggest that 42 percent of the population rely on friends and family for security advice. It seems though that while the scheme is something worth running, the costs for an ISP to join it are high, at £50,000 to £150,000, for more see


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