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Be releases service update

Over at is the full text of a service update from Be. The Be ADSL2+ service seems to be selling well, but it is not plain sailing for all. Our forums have seen a fair number of people with line stability issues.

The paraphrased key points from the Be update are:

  1. Do not be tempted to reset the Be box, switching off and on is OK, but doing a total reset of the hardware will remove the ISP specific templates in the router. If you do remove the templates you need to contact technical support.
  2. Be is testing a range of higher SNR margins (noise margin) for lines, most users see a noise margin of around 6dB, but by increasing this to perhaps 10 or 12db peoples service may become more stable, and have less errors leading to better throughput. Increasing the noise margin will usually lower the sync speed, so there is a trade off involved.
  3. 0845 rate support lines will be introduced in the near future, in the meantime the following numbers can be used: Home sales hotline on 020 7136 0641, Office sales hotline on 020 7136 0642, Home member hotline on 020 7136 0643, Office member hotline on 020 7136 0644.

It is a bit of a shame that the experimentation with noise margins has taken place on a live service, the indicators that running DSL hardware to the very edge of its limits would introduce instability have been seen before. Bulldog with its full-rate ADSL service, hit this problem and increased the noise margin to make the service more stable. After years of people complaining why does BT trial everything two or three times, perhaps we can see why.


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