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Zen Internet joins growing list of LLU players

Another LLU trial is on the way, this time from Zen Internet. The service provider is set to run a market trial on its local Rochdale exchange. This trial will see Zen customers who are connected to the Rochdale exchange having their service transferred from a BT IPStream provided service to a shared LLU service. Zen will be introducing 4Mbps and 8Mbps services as part of its trial, and may deploy ADSL2+ at a future date.

The customers who will be affected by the trial will be contacted via email. The migration from IPStream to shared LLU line should take no longer than 30 minutes and in most cases be less than five minutes. By restricting the trial to the area where Zen are based it should mean support is very easy to obtain.

Zen launched ten years ago in Rochdale, and to be able to reward some of our most long standing customers with the exciting new services that unbundling the exchange presents is fantastic. Zen is driven by quality, and our independence allows us the freedom to provide the right solution for our customers. In deploying our own unbundled network we are better able to achieve this. We look forward to a successful trial.

Managing Director and Zen Internet founder, Richard Tang


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