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freedom2surf launches new VoIP service

Following its recent announcement of a buy-out by Pipex Communications plc, freedom2surf has today announced a new range of Voice-over-IP Internet Telephony packages. The ISP joins a number of others such as PlusNet and Nildram who have launched similar services to tempt their broadband users to use their discounted telephone services.

The freedom2surf offer includes the expected free "voip-to-voip" telephone calls and helps customers save 10% on calling UK lines including mobiles and up to 40% on international calls. The cost of a Billion VoIP router from f2s is £79.99 which includes a VoIP enabled ADSL router which also includes a wireless access point. The router provides a port to which you can connect any normal telephone, thus avoiding the need to use the computer when making calls. Subscribers will be provided with an 0845 number for incoming calls. Subscribers can use their own hardware as an alternative.

"freeedom2phone enables consumers to use the Internet simply and easily to make unlimited free telephone calls. Unlike existing Internet telephony services, freedom2phone does not require a user to have or be connected to a PC or headset. The service converges broadband, Wi-Fi and VoIP in a single and easy to set up device. The service is so convenient and easy to set up, even your Granny could use it! Consumers and home workers alike will now be able to make major savings on their domestic, international and mobile calls."

Richard Manly (Sales and Marketing Director), freedom2surf

As VoIP starts becoming more widely used and replacing phones in homes, the issue of dealing with 999 calls is an important one. Traditional VoIP infrastructure has limited support 999 calls which is dependent entirely on the operator. Current debates on how the location of a VoIP user can be identified is a challenging issue. The f2s solution means that a phone will switch back to the using the BT analogue line if you press the 'recall' button giving you a safety net in case of such emergencies, not being reliant of the VoIP service and benefiting from the full advantage of location identification that is available to 999 operators on BT land lines.

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