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Results of Ofcom investigation into Bulldog published

Ofcom's website has the results of the regulators own investigation into Bulldog Communications. The Closed Case can be found here.

It seems Ofcom is happy enough with the measures Bulldog have undertook to take, or have already taken. Ofcom has seen information that indicates that issues such as call waiting times and call abandonment rates have seen significant improvement. Also Bulldog has carried out improvements to its billing and operational processes.

For those people who had Bulldog's telephone and broadband service during July 2005, there should be an amount equivalent to one months free voice line rental being credited to their account during the November billing cycle. Bulldog will also be reporting to Ofcom for six months, to allow Ofcom to monitor the situation.

For those seeking some more word bites on the issue, see the article over at The Register.


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