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ITV in TV over broadband trial

ITV has launched a service that is initially under trial in two areas, Hastings and Brighton. The service is ITV Local which will allow you to view content from various local areas over a broadband connection. The ITV regions have had years of experience producing local evening news, but the amount of network time on ITV has always been limited, providing an online outlet for material will allow for more coverage of local issues to a region. Interestingly the scheme is also intended to increase community involvement with people being able to upload material, and adverts.

The service is built around the Narrowstep player, which is already used for channels like and to name just two. The picture quality will of course depend on the speed of your connection, but with modern codec's even a 0.5Mbps line should produce something that is watchable, those with 1Mbps or faster lines should have video that will look reasonable if played back over a standard TV.


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