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Wanadoo announces 8Mbps starting at £14.99

Wanadoo has been carrying out its own LLU trials, which has seen 500 users successfully connected in Leeds and Bristol. Today sees news of the actual product announcement and details of a much larger LLU roll-out.

The basic product will cost £14.99 per month for the first six months, rising to £17.99 per month after that. It will connect at up to 8Mbps depending on the capabilities of an individual telephone line. The usage allowance remains as it is for the standard Wanadoo products. The LLU product is centered around the Wanadoo LiveBox unit, which combines an ADSL modem and wireless router, and will provide access to video-on-demand and the Wanadoo VoIP service.

Roll-out wise, the company is planning on unbundling around 500 exchanges to cover around 50% of the UK population within the next 12 months. The initial 8Mbps service will be available in five cities from November, Leeds, Bristol, London, Manchester and Birmingham adding up to around 12% of the UK population based on 150 exchanges.

The kit making up the LLU deployment is ADSL2+ ready, and Wanadoo are testing ADSL2+ with a view to launch once they are ready


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