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Mixed bag of results from Telecommunications Adjudicator

In terms of sheer numbers Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is increasing, with over 123,000 LLU lines, and this is rising at a rate of 4,000 per week. Alas the underlying statistics are not so rosy if you read the detail over at Office of the Telecoms Adjudicator.

It seems LLU is blessed with inconsistencies in interpretation and execution of processes between BT and the LLU operators. A key change is that Mr Peter Black has indicated that his offices view is a disappointed one, over the level of performance in terms of getting people connected, and getting it down right the first time from BT.

LLU is certainly a rocky road, but then back in 2000, even standard ADSL via BT Wholesale was not without its problems. So hopefully as operators and BT iron out the wrinkles things will smooth out.

One aspect not covered in the report, is the problems people have even if their line is up and running perfectly as far as BT and the LLU operator is concerned. This area is that of rate adaption where the ADSL or ADSL2+ modem will connect at the best speed it can manage given the current noise and attenuation conditions. Unfortunately the amount of noise and interference in a specific area can vary over the course of time, and this seems to be introducing some instability on LLU lines, particularly noticeable at present is the experience of Be users. With the previously conservative limits from BT Wholesale this has not been a problem very often. Bulldog had a time when this was a problem, but they increased the target noise margin from around 6dB to 10dB, which while lowering speeds does appear to have increased stability.


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