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BT Retail re jigs its ADSL offerings

BT Retail has announced changes to its retail ADSL packages in an attempt to make it simpler for customers to decide which package suits them, with the changes coming into effect on October 24th. Full details were announced in the press release on 13th October 2005.



Usage Allowance

Monthly fee (inc VAT)

BT Broadband Option 1 Up to 2Mbps 2GB £17.99
BT Broadband Option 2 Up to 2Mbps 6GB £22.99
BT Broadband Option 3 Up to 2Mbps 20GB £26.99
BT Broadband Option 4 Up to 2Mbps 40GB £29.99

The basic four options can be seen above. Activation is free on all four options, with the option of a free wireless ADSL modem/router on Option 3 & 4. People who choose option 1 & 2 will pay £25 for the wireless router. We believe the usage allowances will work in the say way as previously announced, i.e. that now if you exceed your products allowance on a regular basis that BT will recommend an upgrade in package. Though what happens if you regularly exceed the 40GB allowance on Option 4 is not clear.

The main chance appears to be Option 2, which is a new usage allowance point, and the dropping of the Yahoo! from product name. The BT Yahoo! partnership is still going strong though, with the features available now across the range of packages. Also BT Retail is keen to point out that it will have an up to 8Mbps option available from 2006, once the BT Wholesale product trials complete, and places will be available on the trials starting in November. The 8Mbps product, also appears to be tied into BT Retail launching its own TV over broadband service next summer.


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