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Blown fibre droptube trial underway in Wales

'Blown fibre droptube' what is that? Apparently it involves running a thin optic fibre cable between existing telephone poles to a customers premises. This is done by blowing at high speed using compressed air, four fibres which are in a bundle down a new type of lightweight droptube. The big difference over existing fibre cabling, is that the droptube is much lighter and thinner than the current optical cabling, which means no need to strengthen telephone poles or pay for expensive trench work to bury the cable.

Currently BT have the trial running at one location in Pembrokeshire providing a private circuit for a multi-media production company, Writemedia, based at Roch, near Haverfordwest.

BT is now planning to extend the trial into other parts of the UK to evaluate the droptube system in different network environments. Looking into the future, a fibre system that can easily be run over existing telephone poles may lend itself to pushing fibre closer to residential customers in the form of VDSL.


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