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Fusion offer SDSL deals as the nights get longer

Fusion Media Networks have pointed out to us a range of autumn deals on their SDSL products. Two sets of pricing exist, one for where the exchange has a LLU service Fusion can use, and another for the more standard BT build exchanges. This highlights the need for businesses looking for SDSL to spend some time telephoning around for quotes, as the price will vary from area to area.


Price per month

LLU 1:1 SDSL 2Mbps £299.99
LLU 5:1 SDSL 2Mbps £199.99
BT exchange 1:1 2Mbps SDSL £399.99
BT exchange 1:1 1Mbps SDSL £299.99
BT exchange 10:1 2Mbps SDSL £199.99
BT exchange 10:1 1Mbps SDSL £169.99

A free SpeedTouch 605S router is supplied, or a SpeedTouch 610S can be purchased for a price of £149.99. Activation is £450 - the reason activation is so high on all the SDSL services is that a dedicated copper pair is run to the premises, in an effort to improve availability of SDSL services.


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