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Star Wreck - The free movie going around the Internet...

Broadband users have for some time been making use of their connections for downloading music, often over peer-to-peer (p2p) networks which have included both legal and illegal downloads, a matter discussed in the press every few days with legal action taken against a few users to make an example of copyright abuse. The Internet however offers many opportunities for new talent to shine whether it is in writing, music, film or any other area.

The open-source community has been developing software for years which has been free to use and modify but now a community has produced a feature length movie which is available for free download via p2p and their website at

"Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning" is a movie parody produced by Star Trek and Babylon 5 fans with an almost zero budget, excluding the time and dedication of hundreds of volunteers, the key actors, crew and in particular producer Samuli Torssonen. Much of the equipment was borrowed, scenes shot in Samuli's living room, and computer graphics were used to fill in many of the scenes. Without becoming a film critic, this low budget film is however of surprisingly good quality. In light of the free support received, the producer released the movie under the Creative Commons License which allows you to freely distribute the work.

Although many short movies are available on the Internet, and indeed this is not the first Star Wreck movie, it represents the next step in demonstrating how the Internet and broadband is likely to change yet another industry. We don't predict the end of the traditional film industry, but they will increasingly be challenged by the wider population dedicated to a cause. Having taken six years to produce, dedication is paramount.

Download and watch the movie from here.

Update 09/10/05 23:50 [seb]: The original article linked to the wrong Creative Commons license type for this work. Although anyone can freely distribute it, no derivative work or commercial use is allowed. More details of this can be found here.


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