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BT Radio Broadband for Northern Ireland

Broadband is coming to those parts of Northern Ireland that ADSL has ignored so far, in the form of Radio Broadband. BT Northern Ireland has a website that residents and businesses in Northern Ireland who cannot get ADSL at present may find useful.

For the tech junkies among us, they may want to visit and read SIN 438 which was issued in August 2005. This outlines the 5.8GHz radio broadband service that will be used in Northern Ireland, and provides the technical details of the service. The service will be based on kit that is as close to the 802.16 WiMAX standard as is currently possible with Alvarion kit.

Wireless broadband is often seen as a last ditch hope for those that cannot get ADSL, but it can also offer faster access speeds than is possible with ADSL. The BT service is independent of your telephone line, which may make it attractive for those that hardly use a traditional telephone line, plus it is possible to have ADSL and the radio service in the same property if you want.

It seems that at present the choice of service providers is limited, with just BT Retail and internet taking orders, but this may increase in the future.


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