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Freeserve to raise broadband prices

Freeserve have announced that they plan to increase the price of their broadband ADSL connections by £10 as of next month taking the monthly subscription charge up to £49.99. Installation charges are also expected to rise from £150 to £170. This is the first price increase since BT began ADSL installations this time last year.

Freeserve blame BT Ignite for the price increase claiming that the monster telco has no plans to drive down the wholesale price of broadband internet access in the UK, which will in turn increase demand. The Freeserve spokesman also claimed that BT's installation system has made it impossible to devise a substantial marketing strategy to attract customers.

"What did Freeserve and BT Openworld expect? Set a stupid price, lose lots of money and then what? It seems obvious that they would have to do a u-turn and increase all their prices. I can't imagine it inspires much confidence within their customer base?"
Ross McWilliam, Operations Director, Zen Internet

Keep an eye on Freeserve's pricing page for more information when it appears.


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