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AOL to give £5 credit to 20,000 customers

AOL UK is to give out £5 to around 20,000 customers who last week lost their ADSL connections after upgrading via an AOL pop-up window. More detail on The Register.

The pop-up window was sent out to around 50,000 customers, and it seems just under half of those people had problems when they carried out the instructions in the pop-up. The update appears to have centered around changes to the drivers for one of the USB ADSL modems that AOL use on their ADSL service.

The £5 is in way of compensation for the costs involved in calling technical support, until around June 2005 AOL used to have all of its technical support on a free phone (0800) number, but has since moved to using an 0870 number. 0870 calls are charged at around 8p per minute by BT, but the rate will vary with other call providers.


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