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Griffin lowers symmetric DSL pricing

Griffin is the latest provider to inform us of changes to its symmetric DSL (SDSL) pricing, known as Copperstream SDSL Enhanced. The three service speeds carry the same activation fee of £450+VAT, and a choice of a ZyXEL 791R router at £169 or the ZyXEL 792H at £219. The pricing below is based on a 10:1 contention product.


Monthly Fee

Copperstream SDSL 512kbps £149+VAT
Copperstream SDSL 1024kbps £169+VAT
Copperstream SDSL 2048kbps £199+VAT

Other than the higher upstream speeds, one major difference compared to the standard ADSL products is that BT Enhanced Care is bundled with the products, which gives a one working day repair guarantee. Griffin also offer this as an option on their ADSL range for an extra £10 per month.

Voice over IP is a commonly suggested reason for businesses using SDSL, and supporting homeworkers over VPN connections. Another rapidly growing use is Video over IP and video conferencing which are becoming much more affordable. Many people will think of jerky blocky pictures when video conferencing is talked about, or conferencing suites that cost £10,000's to install. The reality is rapidly changing, while your average USB webcam costing £40 and a software like Netmeeting will work, companies like can offer a wide range of solutions with high quality cameras that far out perform a standard USB webcam. Another use for SDSL is off-site security monitoring, Canon now have a range of video over IP cameras with built in video servers, high quality zoom capability of up to 26 times, pan and tilt mechanisms and object tracking. Link one or more of these to an SDSL link and you can monitor a site remotely, for example to see why the burglar alarm has gone off. Canon even have software to allow you to record the video digitally onto a computers hard disk.


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