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Surrey County Council looking to bring broadband to Forest Green

  • Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:35 PM

Surrey County Council is looking for applications for a single capital grant that will establish a pilot Broadband service in the Forest Green area of Surrey. Forest Green is unfortunate in that to date BT have not enabled it as part of its commercial ADSL roll-outs. The advertisement seeking tenders for the pilot was originally published in the Surrey Advertiser recently.

The area of Forest Green has 186 households, and 39 businesses served off the current BT telephone exchange. The Connected Surrey Partnership is looking to provide support to a company who can deliver a service to the area. Other parts of the UK in the last couple of years have seen various schemes to bring broadband in one of its various forms to areas that otherwise do not meet providers normal commercial criteria. We have reproduced in full the details that exist, which includes how companies should submit their proposals, and the deadline of 2pm on Friday 30th September 2005.

Internet Broadband Service - Grant funding for Forest Green in Surrey

Applications are invited for a single capital grant to establish a pilot Internet Broadband service in Forest Green in Surrey. Companies wishing to apply for the grant must:

  • State the amount of grant (ex VAT) they are applying for
  • Provide details of the services they will provide
  • Specify their post pilot pricing policy based on the level of grant requested
  • Provide a business plan showing the service will be sustainable for at least 3 years
  • Provide an outline project plan for the pilot
  • Describe how the service will be provided (wireless, ADSL etc) to the customers premises and back through to a tier 1 supplier
  • State whether or not this presents them with any state aid issues.

Responses must be enclosed in a plain, sealed packet addressed to Peter Speroni, Surrey County Council, Unit 4, Mole Business Park, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7BA and endorsed with the words “Tender for Forest Green Broadband Grant” by 14.00 on Friday 30th September 2005. The packet should bear no mark that identifies the tenderer. Faxed or e-mailed tenders will not be considered.

Further Background

Forest Green and the surrounding hamlets comprising 186 households and 39 businesses are served by a small rural telephone exchange. It is the only exchange in Surrey that does not have a planned in service date for ADSL Broadband. The Connected Surrey Partnership is looking to provide support to a company who can deliver a commercially sustainable Internet Broadband service to the whole community.

The Partnership will provide support to promote the service and a one off grant contribution towards set up and installation costs for a pilot to establish and test the technical and commercial framework for a full Broadband service. The customers will be the householders and small businesses that wish to subscribe to the service. The company will enter into agreements with these customers. Once the service is established, the Partnership will have no direct interest except to ensure that the terms of the grant are being fulfilled.

The key criteria against which responses will be judged are:

  • Value for money
  • Capacity
  • Coverage (homes)
  • Experience
  • Business credentials
  • Range of offer: to businesses, residential
  • Sustainability

Surrey County Council will manage the grant allocation.

Internet Broadband Service - Grant funding for Forest Green in Surrey


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