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Message boards hotten up as MrSaffron returns from holiday

A freak activity flurry on the message boards has been witnessed as MrSaffron returns from his three-week vacation away from his daily duties on the ADSLguide messageboards. He didn't quite achieve total loss of connectivity (even though his ADSL connection managed it courtesy of a certain ISP) as he enthusiastically participated in the BT Ignite chat earlier this month and even made time for the occasional post on the BBS.

As you can see from the graph below, MrSaffron's return has sparked an increase in the number of users browsing the messageboards this Sunday both compared to the Saturday total as well as last Sunday:

Weekly graph showing average number of simulatenaous users on the message boards over a 24 hour period. (green = registered, blue = total)

This also gives us a great opportunity to thank him for his on-going dedication to the site as he broke the 6,000 post barrier today. He leaves John following him at a disappointing 2,500 posts and Seb at an even less impressive 1,700 posts.

Maybe MrSaffron should be running the election campaign, as we'd probably see a larger-than-expected turnout :-p [seb & jez]

Stop Press [May 15] - We have an update from the Saffron residence. Apparently a fuse was to blame.


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