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More faster broadband for the lucky few from Pipex

The Register has details on the Pipex venture into the world of LLU and ADSL2+ services. Pipex has grown to have 215,000 broadband customers at the end of June 2005, and is now planning to unbundle sixty exchanges. The exchanges will be chosen on the basis of having 400 or more existing Pipex customers, and being within 5km of the core fibre network.

The news that they are to offer ADSL2+ is not much of a surprise, in fact with other providers rolling out ADSL2+, to not offer this sort of speed would be a mistake. As usual though we urge people to remember that while ADSL2+ is pushed as offering 24Mbps connections, it will only do this on the very short lines, the vast majority customers are going to see much lower speeds, though these will for many be better than can be expected from existing ADSL services.

No dates are available yet for when LLU services will appear from Pipex, but it seems the initial orders for BT to prepare space in an exchange for Pipex to install their own hardware have being placed.


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