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Orange customers offered broadband for £9.99 per month

  • Wednesday, September 7, 2005 10:45 AM

Orange has announced a deal whereby new customers and existing customers at their contract renewal point can get an up to 2Mbps ADSL service for £9.99 per month. Bundled into this is six months free subscription to the Wireless & Talk bundle from Wanadoo. This bundle includes a LiveBox wireless router, and subscription to the Wanadoo VoIP service, and is worth £4 per month.

The offer is based around the existing Wanadoo £17.99 package, that has an inclusive usage allowance of 2GB. The £9.99 deal runs for 12 months, and after that date the subscription fee will revert back to the standard monthly price.

This deal was covered on a number of sites last week, but the detail on usage allowance was often missing. Some sites did speculate whether this sort of deal would lead to a price war, certainly £9.99 is pretty much below cost, and as such is only likely to appear as a limited time price offer or in conjunction with extra services like carrier pre selection (CPS) or VoIP, where a provider can make a few extra pounds each month. For the savvy consumer, deals like this mean that you can have a fast broadband connection for less money that most existing dial-up packages. This Wanadoo/Orange bundle in particular means you can save even more by ceasing the second telephone line in the property, and using the VoIP service as the occassional second line.


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