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Bulldog problems aired on BBC Watchdog

Bulldog ( has been busy in the last few weeks promoting its plans to launch a 20 Mbps broadband service. In the mean time, a significant number of Bulldog customers are exhausted at trying to get in touch with the company over problems getting connected. At the end of last week, Ofcom launched an investigation into Bulldog following complaints from customers.

We have received a number of e-mails from users who have been experiencing issues from billing errors to problems connecting. The common trend seems to suggest getting a response (particularly a useful one) from Bulldog is very difficult and time consuming for its customers.

BBC's Watchdog programme has now taken an interest with a feature on the company on last night's programme quoting a source inside Bulldog saying that management knew exactly what they were putting their customers through and that no company that was passionate about Customer Service would continue to take new customers until the existing issues have been addressed. You can read more about this on the BBC Watchdog website.

Whilst we commend Bulldog pushing the boundaries of broadband, and expect those types of companies to be the first to experience technical and administrative problems in their quest to bring new services to market, the current service levels for users having problems are unacceptable. in light of these issues, users may wish to consider carefully whether now is the right time to sign up with Bulldog.


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