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Tiscali makes move on those breaking its usage policy

The Register has details on the latest news to venture from the the Tiscali UK camp, it seems a new set of usage rules are to be applied. The latest system is that broadband users who heavily use the system at peak times, will be given three warnings, and after this their usage will be restricted during peak hours. We reported in February 2005 on changes to the providers terms and conditions, that saw a new clause appear defining 30GB of upstream and downstream traffic as a fair usage level over a period of a month.

Tiscali reckons to have around 600,000 broadband customers, but is seeing 30% of the available bandwidth during peak hours being used by just 1% of this user base. This 1% appears to be roughly in-line with what other providers have suggested. The bandwidth management is set to only be applied to the heaviest users during peak hours, which are currently defined as 6pm to 11pm on a weekday, and 12pm to 4pm at weekends and bank holidays.

The end of the article over on The Register is interesting, since it states that Tiscali has consulted both customers and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over the new Fair Use Policy. Consulting the ASA seems sensible, since although a providers own website is not subject to the ASA, any advertising elsewhere will fall under the remit of the ASA, therefore it is best to ensure advertising material and policies comply.


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