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HomeChoice to move to ADSL2+ for its triple play service

Over on is a copy of a press release from Video Networks who run the HomeChoice service. HomeChoice provide a triple play product, currently with video and Internet access over an ADSL line, and telephony via a CPS package. It seems HomeChoice is planning a technical pilot within the next month using ADSL2+, with the commercial service launching later in the year.

The barrage of ADSL2+ news follows the final stages in the formal approval of ADSL2+ nearing completion. Approvals are needed before the various standards of DSL can be deployed in the UK to avoid problems with someones ADSL2+ line interfering with an existing ADSL service, or even a VDSL service in the future.

ADSL2+ holds the advantage for HomeChoice that combined with their adoption of MPEG-4 video encoding they will be in a position to offer High Definition TV services.


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