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No new BT Home Highway connections from BT

It seems the end is near for a product that was never that popular, BT Home Highway and BT Midband are no longer be installed by BT as of 5th September 2005. ISDN2, ISDN2e and Business Highway will continue to be available. Obviously any existing installation will continue to operate and be supported in terms of faults etc. The BT ServiceView pricelist has more detail BT ServiceView website, BT Midband is covered by a separate entry here.

BT Home Highway was a relatively popular product in the days before ADSL services rolled out, though was not cheap, and the ADSL roll-out has largely made Home Highway a dinosaur of a forgotten era in terms of Internet access. BT MidBand only appeared in 2002/2003, but failed to find a sizeable niche in the marketplace.

Correction @ 5:50pm Friday 2nd September: Apologies to readers of the earlier version of this news item, where we suggested ISDN2, ISDN2e and Business Highway were not to be available for new installs. We made a mistake in including them, it is only Home Highway and BT Midband that will not be available to order from 5th September 2005.


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