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Telabria brings up to 10Mbps symmetric links to the South East

Telabria has launched its Skylink service, that will exploit WiMAX-class wireless technology to offer broadband without the need for a BT landline in the South East of England. Service is currently available in the Sittingbourne & Swale area, with Canterbury taking orders in September, for more on availability see here. Basic details for the packages are shown below:


Set up

Monthly fee

Skylink Home 1.5Mbps/0.5Mbps £49 £24.99
Skylink Home 3Mbps/0.5Mbps £49 £34.99
Skylink Pro 1.5Mbps symmetric £99 £49.99
Skylink Pro 3Mbps symmetric £99 £79.99
Skylink Ultra 5Mbps symmetric £499 £249
Skylink Ultra 10Mbps symmetric £499 £379
Home packages include VAT, all others are plus VAT.


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