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UK Online to have ADSL2+ available to 20% of homes in October

It is amazing a few months ago, people were getting excited over 2Mbps upgrades, and then 10Mbps, but now 24Mbps looks set to be an affordable option for some. UK Online is the latest service provider to announce its ADSL2+ service. UK Online started with its up to 8Mbps ADSL service ten months ago, now they are announcing an up to 24Mbps service for under £30 per month.

The glut of ADSL2+ services is in part due to the final commercial approval for ADSL2+ being deployed, and since UK Online has being using ADSL2+ ready hardware at the exchanges they have kit in, the ADSL2+ service should be available to around 20% of UK households in October 2005.

For those wondering what their line may achieve with ADSL2+, page 9 of the documentBroadband DSL Spectrum Control in BT's UK Access Network gives some indications of ADSL2+ speeds across lengths of local loop. It does not give any data for lines less than 1km long, which is where you would expect to see speeds close to the 24Mbps limit of ADSL2+. The data to look at in the charts is that for the Power Controlled plan (PC), since this is what has being agreed for use in Issue 3 of the ANFP.


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