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New activation fee comes into effect from today

BT Wholesale announced a £10 price reduction in the activation fee for BT IPStream and BT Datastream based products back in June 2005. In the past some providers have complained that the activation fee is a barrier to entry, to mitigate this some providers offer free or deferred payment schemes making that initial first bill smaller.

Since we are expecting to hear from a fair number of providers in the next few days, we will simply add details of their price changes to this news item, rather than have a single news item for every provider. If you are a provider and have lowered your activation or now made it free, please email [email protected] with the details and we will endeavour to add you. All fees shown include VAT, unless otherwise stated.

C2 Internet: Activation fees on Business Lite 501 and Business 201 products will drop from £50+VAT to £40+VAT.

Eclipse: £47 activation, mirroring reduction from BT Wholesale.

EFH Broadband: Activation reduced from £58.75 to £44.99 inc.

Entanet: Reduced from £55 to £45.

Griffin Internet: Activation fee reduced from £58.75 to £47.

NewNet: Now £47.

PlusNet: The two activation fees have dropped to £47 and £58.75 depending on the contract type selected. The deferred activation scheme for people who now join PlusNet will see the payback fee drop by £9.40 until year five, when nothing is owed.

Total Web Solutions: £40+VAT for activation.

Vispa: Activation is now £47.

Zazizam: Activation now £47.

Zen Internet: Activation reduced to £47 on all Home and Office ADSL products.


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