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Be seeks trial users in London area for ADSL2+ service

The news in the last 48 hours has seen renewed coverage of the BT Max DSL services which offers up to 8Mbps, but Be Unlimited look set to steal a few headlines with the start of its pilot for an ADSL2+ service in the UK. The initial exchanges will be in the London area. ADSL2+ means on very short lines (around less than 1km) that people may get up to 24Mbps downstream, and 1Mbps upstream. The details of the Be pilot can be found at

Triallists who are on a Be equipped exchange will get the service free until the end of September, and also get free activation and a free ADSL wireless modem/router so long as the order is placed before 18th September 2005. After the trial in September the triallists will get a special deal of £20 per month for the broadband service. The subscription follows a slightly different pattern to normal, in that it is paid quarterly in advance, which for trial users will start on 1st October.


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