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Update on the BT Fibre to the Home trials

It is a minor update, but one that those following BT's trial of fibre to the home will be interested in. The speed for the FTTH/FTTP trial has been increased to 10Mbps downstream and 4Mbps upstream. This is a fairly large increase on the previous 2Mbps/0.5Mbps service.

The increase in upstream speed to 4Mbps is a surprise, and with the new 10Mbps service from Telewest only offering a 384kbps upstream speed, BT are showing the potential of using fibre right into the home for providing broadband connections. Of course the difference with the NTL and Telewest services is that they should be running by the end of the year, whereas the BT trial is something of an unknown factor.

Correction 15:23pm 25th August: We stated a 0.5Mbps upload speed for the Telewest 10Mbps service, it is actually 384 kilo bits per second.


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