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Wireless broadband trial for the Midlands

WiMAX wireless technology is set to get another trial. This time for six months in the Midlands area, with Pipex and Airspan joining forces. It is billed as the first 802.16-2004 compliant WiMAX trial in the UK. The Pipex press release can be found here.

The service will involve a modem that receives the wireless signal, and the service will be self install, with no need for mounting an antenna on the outside of a property. It appears AirSpan are keen to look testing the system for use with VoIP, and combining Wi-Fi services in a home with the VoIP to other cordless VoIP services. With the widespread roll-out of ADSL in the UK, any wireless broadband service to succeed will have to other things that people cannot get elsewhere. This may prove to be the ability to get downloads at speeds above 1Mbps, two years ago people were happy to have any form of broadband, now people are searching out faster services, and the reach limitations of DSL technology can make this difficult.


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