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BT SDSL roll-out enters a hold phase

BT Wholesale has decided to pause its roll-out of SDSL across the country in September 2005, with 792 exchanges supporting SDSL services. This will result in around 93 exchanges that were previously on the roll-out list not being enabled at present. Hopefully 2006 will see further roll-out of SDSL.

SDSL has often been seen as overpriced, though the UK is not the only place to charge a premium for symmetric services aimed at businesses. The pricing in the last 12 months has come down to reasonable levels for business use, particularly when you consider that a permanent 64 kilo bit link could cost £3000-4000 per year a few years ago, and for around the same money you can get a 1 or 2Mbps SDSL connection now.

This price premium though has often meant that orders on the SDSL enabled exchanges has been lower than expected, part of this may be the competition from the LLU providers, and small companies waiting to see whether LLU will come to their area. We are also seeing some people on our forums, suggesting that the forthcoming Max DSL services with up to 832kbps for the upstream may be putting some companies off of SDSL. While the Max services will probably be cheaper than SDSL, generally SDSL is provisioned with better service guarantees and lower contention ratios making it more suitable for sustained use.


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