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Telecommunications Adjudicator reports no disputes

It seems the UK LLU market is growing rapidly, with over 3500 new connections per week. The total number of LLU lines reported as of 5th August 2005, was roughly 90,000. See the Office of the Telecoms Adjudicator report here for details.

Interestingly after the noise from C&W about the poor performance of LLU delivery, it seems no official dispute has been lodged, as Mr Black is reporting no disputes. Also the figures would appear at initial inspection to be significantly different to the Bulldog experience. One possible explanation is that the fully unbundled LLU service used by Bulldog may actually be delivered later more often than the simpler shared service used by UKOnline, HomeChoice and shortly Wanadoo.

The LLU processes are far from perfect though. The performance indicators are showing that on average over the last four weeks only 80% of lines met the 'Right First Time', this has slipped from around 95% at the beginning of July 2005.

One area where BT and the LLU operators will need to improve soon is that of migrations. Migrations onto LLU services exists, but unfortunately for people on a LLU service there is no migration path back onto the standard products such as BT Datastream and BT IPstream. The processes for this are being worked on, and will require agreement between BT and other involved parties on how it will work.


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