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NTL aims for consumer speed crown with 10Mbps service is reporting that NTL is set to launch a 10Mbps broadband services on Monday. This will potentially be available to the 1.9 million NTL broadband customers, and with no price rise, users will simply pay according to how much is downloaded.

Until more details are released, for example on how much it will cost to download data above any inclusive allowance it is hard to judge the service. Certainly if NTL wants to be seen as driving broadband technology in the UK, both it and Telewest need to launch high speed broadband services sooner rather than later. The LLU DSL providers are getting closer and closer to the launch of their 24Mbps ADSL2+ services.

For those reading the website we believe their illustrations of how fast 10Mbps is, may be a little out. A DVD movie is around 4GB in size normally, and at 10Mbps this would take around 53 minutes to download, impressive but not as fast as they suggest. Also a full CD is around 650MB, and this would take around 8 minutes rather than 8 seconds. Even with compression techniques used by iTunes and MP3 players, it is likely to still be around a minute to download a full album.


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