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A sign of the times - increasing usage allowances

MetroNet has sent out a press release detailing changes in its PayGoExtra range, which will see the inclusive usage allowance tripling in size.


Basic monthly fee

Old allowance

New allowance

PayGoExtra 500 £16.99 5GB 15GB
PayGoExtra 1000 £19.99 15GB 45GB
PayGoExtra 2000 £22.99 30GB 90GB

The inclusive allowance with MetroNet does not represent a cap in your usage, but if you exceed the bundled allowance you will pay for what extra allowance you used above the inclusive level. The fee is 0.235 pence per MegaByte, and to avoid very large bills there is a price cap on the products ranging from £22.75 to £38.75.

The whole MetroNet PAYG range sees a change in the minimum contract term, which will be dropping from 3 months to 1 month.

We hope that as the use of broadband alters over time in the UK, for example the increasing availability of legal TV content, that service providers will reassess any bundled allowances or other caps/throttles that exist. For example watching a 90 minute football match might consume 0.5GB if viewed at bit rate of 750kbps, which can be a significant portion of what some providers allow.


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