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Ubiquitous ADSL availability edges closer

Aberdeenshire and Gloucestershire are two areas with some small reason to celebrate, since the availability of ADSL services has improved due to the the enablement of more exchanges. Scottish Enterprise are calling it 'job done' in North Aberdeenshire and This Is Gloucestershire is trumpeting that The Forest area has seen its last exchanges enabled.

Of course no county in the UK is ever likely to have 100% access to ADSL, simply enabling ALL the exchanges does not ensure everyone can get access. There will always be those few properties that are at the end of very long telephone lines with attenuation too high or poor signal to noise ratio's such that ADSL is not possible. Thankfully it seems that this group of consumers is pretty small, in fact our mailboxes are forums are these days busier with people trying to get the faster speeds from ADSL, rather than any ADSL at all. Which is almost a total turn around to just two years ago.


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