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Wanadoo in LLU trial outside London shocker...

The Register has found out that Wanadoo UK is to offer unbundled services to around 500 triallists on three exchanges in the Leeds area. It is refreshing to see a trial taking place outside of London for once.

In other Wanadoo news, it seems the tit for tat PR war with BT is continuing, following an advert in The Sunday Telegraph on 31st July 2005. We have not seen the full advert but reading The Register we feel the advert may not be telling totally accurate facts, see below:

"And in a dig at BT's position as both a wholesale and retail supplier of broadband the letter says: "OK, we may have to charge £20 to upgrade an existing customer to 2 Meg - but you know why that is don't you? Yes, it's because you folks at BT charge us to do it. Still, local loop unbundling will sort that issue out won't it?"

Extract from The Register

The regrade fee upgrading an individuals ADSL line from 0.5Mbps or 1Mbps to 2Mbps is actually £11+VAT (£12.92), and if done as part of a bulk order it drops to £5+VAT per line. This is significantly different to the £20 the advert would appear to claim. The £5 bulk upgrade offer, is the reason why so many providers are offering the upgrades to up to 2Mbps across its customer base, details can be found in our News Archive.

There are a number of providers currently who attach administration fees on top of BT charges for things like speed regrades, and some that even charge for the issuing of a migration authorisation code (MAC), which BT Wholesale issue for no charge. So when ordering ADSL, or migrating to a service spend some time looking at what the various optional charges are for your chosen ISP.


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