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PlusNet rejigs its business service pricing

The race for business is on, with PlusNet rejigging its business service pricing to accommodate the eventual launch of an 8Mbps service. No dates are available for when the 4 and 8Mbps options will be available on general release. A number of providers have already bypassed the BT IPStream Max product, by signing up with EasyNet for the LLUStream products, but no news on whether PlusNet will be using this option. The BT IPStream Max products are expected to become available from November 2005, once the current trials finish.


Speed (up to)


Pay As You Go

BT Exchange Contention

PlusNet Network Contention

Teleworker 2Mbps £21.27 £13.61 50:1 20:1
Teleworker 4Mbps £34.03 £13.61 50:1 20:1
Teleworker 8Mbps £46.80 £13.61 50:1 20:1
Small Business 2Mbps £26.99 £19.99 50:1 10:1
Small Business 4Mbps £34.99 £19.99 50:1 10:1
Small Business 8Mbps £46.99 £19.99 50:1 10:1
Business 2Mbps £34.99 *£29.99 20:1 10:1
Business 4Mbps £49.99 *£29.99 20:1 10:1
Business 8Mbps £64.99 *£29.99 20:1 10:1
All prices exclude VAT
(*) Existing customers only

Two columns from this table need some further explanation we believe. The two contention figures, while stated as a precise ratio, are actually the maximum figures one should expect, i.e. it is up to 50:1 or 20:1 for the BT exchange contention. In some ways by specifying the second contention figure, PlusNet may be confusing some customers, since on the surface the 10:1 Small Business IPStream Home (up to 50:1) based products look almost equal to the IPStream Office (up to 20:1) based products. In cases where the potential exchange contention is higher than the PlusNet network, users may if the exchange is busy see contention before even reaching the PlusNet network. It should also be noted that a lot of service providers will run the parts of the network they control at levels of contention not dissimilar to what PlusNet have published.


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