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Bulldog claims BT deliver on time less than 60% of the time

The Bulldog issues continue, and today they appear to be producing data showing why their customer service department has been having problems. It would seem that over the course of Bulldog offering LLU services over half of Bulldog's customers have had to call customer service after the connection failed to work.

There is a lot more information in the full article over at The Register. This includes the snippet that less than 60% of new lines were delivered on time, and one third of those that were had faults. This has lead to C&W liaising close with Peter Black the LLU adjudicator, in an effort to get BT to improve its performance.

Bulldog has had a long history of snapping at BT, even before it was providing LLU services in February 2003. We find it odd that a full two years after Bulldog started unbundling do we reach this peak of problems. It seems likely that the demand from TV and print advertising, and the local marketing efforts outside supermarkets may have lead to the demand exceeding BT's abilities to deliver loops on time, but it also seems to have swamped Bulldog customer service.

Perhaps it is time for Bulldog to slow down in its publicity campaigns for a few weeks, and see if performance from BT does improve. Though there is no data available on the level of faults that are attributable to Bulldog itself, and the issues such as unstable lines due to the use of fully rate adaptive ADSL, therefore it is hard to determine if the customer service issues are purely from the level of BT faults. To continue heavily promoting a product when there is such a high failure rate is to risk sullying a brand name, the fault may not be the companies, but the average consumer is unlikely to understand the complex nature of LLU.


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