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Cable and Wireless in talks with Energis

It seems Cable & Wireless (C&W) are not content with their acquisition of Bulldog, but are on the hunt for another provider. has an extensive set of quotes from C&W, including one where they confirm that C&W are approaching the stakeholders of Energis concerning a possible acquisition.

Energis is the communications company that lists Wanadoo as one of its many customers. What the impact of C&W buying Energis on Wanadoo customers would be is unclear, perhaps the Wanadoo rebranding under the Orange flag is a pre-emptive move.

The article also recaps a fair bit of what has been published regarding Bulldog and its LLU services in recent weeks. It seems Bulldog are keen to re-iterate things such as "However, in the area of provisioning in particular, the level of service remains inconsistent as we work with BT". While we can see that some issues are potentially due to mistakes of BT, we do see plenty of cases where it seems to be hard to pin the blame on BT. Additionally most of the complaints to date have been the time taken to get through to Bulldog customer service. Though it seems some users are questioning the value of the support when they do get through. Our Bulldog section carries a cross section of user experiences, located here.

The ISP comparison system we run, is also a good way of assessing the trends for an ISP, an example including Bulldog can be seen here. Visitors to our site can rate their ISP on three areas (speed, reliability and customer service), and while the scoring is subjective, the trends over time should produce a good guide to the levels of customer satisfaction. Since the voting is based on peoples experience in the previous month the results will always appear to be a month or two out of date.


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