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Wanadoo now offering 2Mbps service

Wanadoo has joined the ever growing crowd of service providers connecting their users at 2Mbps on the lines that will support it. Tuesday 19th July saw the launch of its 2Mbps services, with an offer whereby new subscribers will get six months free subscription to the Wireless & Talk package, worth £4 per month. In cases where a telephone line will not support 2Mbps, users will be connected at 1Mbps or 0.5Mbps. Existing Wanadoo customers can opt to pay for an upgrade onto the 2Mbps service.

Wireless & Talk is a package that gives you the loan of a Wanadoo LiveBox unit, which is a wireless ADSL modem/router and access to the Wanadoo Voice over IP telephony service via the LiveBox. The VoIP service offers free telephone calls to UK landlines during the evenings and weekend.

In our original article on Tuesday 19th July, we raised the question of whether the bandwidth used by the telephone calls will count towards the usage allowance. Wanadoo have confirmed that this is not the case, i.e. the bandwidth used by their own VoIP service is not counted in your monthly usage allowance. We feel this is a good idea, and hopefully shows a way that other service providers could go, i.e. where a premium service is an option on a metered service, to not include it in the metering. This will become even more important if watching video online becomes more popular.

The three Wanadoo packages with their usage allowances are shown below:

Package Price

Usage Allowance

£17.99 2GB
£22.99 6GB
£27.99 30GB

Where customers exceed the allowance there is no effect on the service, but Wanadoo may contact a customer to suggest a change in usage pattern for the following months, or an upgrade to a higher allowance. Where users are exceeding the allowance on the £27.99 product persistently, Wanadoo may suspend service though.


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