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Bulldog assures ISPA that things will improve

Bulldog has been in the news a fair bit recently, unfortunately a number of these occasions has been for the wrong reasons. The latest news to emerge has been published over on The Register. The news item reports on a recent meeting between the Secretary General of ISPA Nicholas Lansman and Bulldog's chief commercial officer Andrew Morley.

The meeting came about because of the number of complaints that ISPA has been receiving from Bulldog customers, it seems the ISPA had enough to warrant setting up a meeting. The Register has published some of the complaints it has received, and the day to day life for Bulldog customers can be seen in our Bulldog section on the bulletin board.

It seems while the meeting has not resolved anything directly, it has lead to an assurance being given to the ISPA that things at Bulldog will improve. Precise details are not available, but The Register does detail that it has heard that Bulldog are to open two further call centres to cope with the volume of calls. This will be welcome news, but unfortunately ISP support is not always as simple as a few days training, good support comes from experience and having enough key staff to train new support staff. The impression one gets from what users say is that while call answer times may be improving, it is almost a messaging service, with the actual query being dealt with by someone else after the phone call has ended.

The Bulldog service does have its supporters as there are many customers it works for flawlessly, the problem is when things go wrong. This may be something that is generic to the emerging LLU services, and the steep learning curve in moving from a relatively simple ISP operation to providing both telephone and ADSL services.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and if things have not improved visibly within a month further questions will be asked.

Update 5:30pm It appears that one of the things the ISPA may have requested was for Bulldog to remove its logo for the 'Best Consumer Broadband ISP 2004' that was awarded by the ISPA. The removal would appear to be a temporary thing until customer service improves. Full details on The Register.


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