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Simpler ADSL set-up on the way from Net Lynk stores

Installing and setting up ADSL hardware has come a long way from its early days in 2000. Though for many people the first introductions to ADSL and networking can prove to be confusing steps. Net Lynk the company behind several online broadband hardware stores has just selected some Real-Time Service Management software from SupportSoft Inc that may make these first steps much easier. More details can be found over on EE Times Online.

The SupportSoft Service Gateway (TM) should allow for the option of 'zero touch configuration' of the ADSL hardware in the customers home. The service is likely to be offered to service providers, a number of whom already use Net Lynk to supply ADSL hardware to their customers. This software solution follows the TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol which was defined by the DSL Forum as a way for ADSL hardware to be remotely configured.

The TR-069 protocol should allow for several ways to configure hardware:

  1. Hardware purchased and managed by the ISP
  2. Hardware purchased from a retailer with pre-registration to associate it with an ISP and user account, not unlike the sale of a PAYG mobile phone
  3. Hardware purchased from a retail store, with post install user registration

A short summary of the protocol can be found here


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